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Absolutely Fabulous Urban Spa
C-3 1500 Hornby Street (at Beach Ave.)
Vancouver, BC V6Z 2P9

Tel: 604-738-6245
Email: treatme@myspa.ca

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Laser hair removal and Spa salon

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Our most popular treatments for women are: eyebrow wax, underarm wax, full leg wax, bikini wax, and brazilian wax.
Our most popular treatments for men are: back wax, chest wax, nose wax, ear wax, and eyebrow wax.

Absolutely Famous Urban Spa uses hard wax, a manageable and less painful option for easier hair extraction even in sensitive areas such as the face and the bikini line.

Our French Cirepil Peron Riggot wax is gentle and easier on the skin than most chemically composed waxes. We also provide other botanical based skin preparation and skin soothing powders and gels that leave your skin feeling soft and refreshed. Our Vancouver spa clients say they feel great about the quality of our waxing services and they love the convenience of our Yaletown / False Creek North spa location. All of our technicians have undergone esthetician training and provide consistently high quality waxing services.

Private Setting for our services

Our fabulous spa waxing services are given in clean, relaxing private rooms. Even if waxing hurts a little bit, you spa experience need not also be painful! At Absolutely Fabulous Urban Spa, we’ll never rush your treatment.

Following the best of Sanitization Standards

At Absolutely Fabulous Urban Spa, we make sure the waxing environment is carefully sanitized. Estheticians disinfect equipment, change table linens and change towels after every session. Absolutely Fabulous Urban Spa waxing estheticians wear gloves during many waxing services.

Your Spa Experience

Our friendly Vancouver spa estheticians will greet and direct you to the waxing room and give you time to get comfortable on the waxing bed before every waxing service, whether it’s stripless or hard waxing for sensitive treatments like bikini waxing, french waxing, brazilian or hollywood waxing, underarm waxing or face waxing. If you are relaxed, hair removal will be easier and your sensitive skin will experience less trauma.


Brow shaping $18
Lip or Chin $12
Underarms $18
Full Arm $40
Half Arm $30
Bikini (Regular) $25
Bikini (French) $33
Brazilian (Soft/Hard Wax) $45/50
Full Leg $65
Half Leg $30
Back or Chest $50
Full Face $45


Brow Shaping & Lip $25
Lip & Chin $20
Full Leg & Regular Bikini $80
Full Leg & French Bikini $85
Full Leg & Brazilian $95
Half Leg & Regular Bikini $50
Half Leg & French Bikini $55
Half Leg & Brazilian $70
Back & Chest $90


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