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Universal Contourwrap

Our exclusive wrap process is carried out using wide contour wrap bandages. These bandages are soaked in warm, natural sea clay solution. The solution soaked bandages when applied to the body act like a giant poultice. This giant mask effect will naturally extract toxins and poisons from the body’s soft tissue. At the same time that toxins are being removed, the skin is freed of dead skin cells and the fatty tissue is compacted.  With the toxins removed, it allows the body’s natural elastin to be revitalised and substantially hold this new shape.

What you can achieve with UCW?

  • Detoxification and compaction
  • Improved Lymphatic drainage and Skin tightening

Because we help the body to develop a smoother, firmer muscle base, there can be excellent results in the diminishing of cellulite. As the skin tightens stretch marks become less noticeable, as do scars and blemishes. People with skin problems such psoriasis and eczema can benefit enormously.


Who can benefit from a UCW?

Anyone looking to tone and shape their figure regardless of size or weight.


  • Those who want immediate results e.g. for holidays, weddings
  • Reduce loose skin after pregnancy or weight changes
  • Reduce the appearance of cellulite and stretch marks
  • Dieters looking to kick-start their slimming plan
  • Those who want to target excess inches in stubborn areas
  • Busy people keep their shape when they have no time to exercise

To gain maximum benefit from a Classic Treatment, a course of three treatments would be recommended. These treatments will need to be carried out with the frequency of every 7-10 days.